Country Style Living Room

Grand Luxury Cleaning Collection

Pristine. Clean. Service.

Grand Luxury Cleaning Collection is our customized pristine cleaning service that goes beyond the surface details. This clean is an extensive top to bottom approach that targets every detail of every room. It is the ultimate in clean.

*Required for first time cleanings.

*Recommended monthly

Kitchen Island

Grand Cleaning Collection

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Grand Cleaning Collection is our customized weekly/biweekly baseline service. It keeps the home optimally maintained. It focuses on areas that are high usage and main concerns. It's like having your very own in-home staff to keep things polished.

The Luxury Move/In Out Cleaning Collection

Expert Service

The Luxury Move/In Out Cleaning Collection is for transforming the clients' environment to be on display, perfect for putting your home on the market, or allowing your home to be pristinely clean before moving in.


We at GrandLuxe value you privacy and will not sale or give your information to any third party companies. The data collected sole purpose is for GrandLuxe lead generation database. We will only use the given information to contact you to offer our services to help you or your family create a healthy and happy home. In the case where GrandLuxe will not be able to assist you or your family we will contact you and refer you to another cleaning company.

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